location Prestatyn, Denbighshire, North Wales Coast

Rhuddlan Castle

Sitting on the banks of the River Clwyd stand the ruins of the impressive Rhuddlan Castle. 
Completed in 1282 it was to become Kind Edward I's chosen domain for many bloodshed battles during his conquest of Wales! Edward I muscle power triumphed for many years - He even diverted the River Clwyd for 2 miles for the castle so that he could have easy access to the sea and a deep channel for his ships!

It was here at Rhuddlan Castle that the 'Statute of Rhuddlan' was proclaimed, a constitutional document that shaped Welsh history and governance for 250 years. 

Only a short drive (approx. 15 minutes) from the Beaches Hotel by car or by bus. We highly recommended visit when you come to Prestatyn to ramble around this impressive structure, climb the spiral staircase, take in the stunning views of Clwydan Hills and enjoy the walks along the river. This castle, like many in North Wales really captures the imagination of children as they run around the grounds. 

Rhuddlan Castle,
Castle Street,
Rhuddlan, LL18 5AD.

Rhuddlan Castle has car park, bike storage, water refill station, gift shop, toilet facilities and is dog friendly. 

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